Fluid Coatings NZ Ltd


The Process

Water Transfer Printing, what is it and how does it work?

Water Transfer Printing has many other names, such as Hydrographics, 3D surface printing and Cubic Printing just to name a few.

We first prepare the item to be coated with either chemicals, sanding or bead blasting. The item is then primed, sanded and base coated with the color necessary to achieve the look that you want. We next take the film (looks like window tint film but with a pattern) cut to size and place it in the specialized water tank. We spray the film with an activator which activates the ink. The ink/pattern floats on top of the water in an oil like state. The item is submerged into the ink which is etched into the base coat, the item is then rinsed in our rinse station. The Part is then finished in matte, semi gloss or high gloss 2k clear coat. We carry numerous variations of 2k clear to suit the items end use.

What Can Be Achieved?

Automotive & Motor Cycle Parts want that Carbon Fiber look dash? Want the fairing on your Motorcycle or even your helmet or fuel tank changed? No problem!

Wood Grain, Burl Wood or even Camo or Marble no problem at all. Simply select the pattern and finish you require.

Marine parts such as dash boards and water pleasure craft like ski boats and Jet skis are using the coating services for a new look and protection.

Hunting Equipment from torches, gun cases, Rifles and bows can be coated in a range of camos or wood for example. Have your fire arms coated in any of our finishes and never worry about having to oil the outside again. Our coating will prevent the coated area from rusting. We can do caravan parts, yacht or aircraft interiors. If it is made of Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass we can coat it!