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At Fluid Coatings and RE Automotives, we can personalise, refinish and repair nearly any surface. With our in-house heated painting booth and hydrographics/water transfer printing equipment we can get that perfect finish you desire.

We also offer a full mechanical workshop service as well as standard vehicle panel and paint repairs and finishes.

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Hydrographics (water transfer printing)

Hydrographics is also known as water transfer printing, 3D surface printing, cubic printing, immersion printing and hydro dipping. It’s a process of applying printed designs to any 3D hard surface.

At Fluid Coatings we specialise in applying hydrographics to vehicles and automotive parts but we also coat firearms, outdoor equipment, glass items, and anything in between. If you have a non-porous item that can be dipped in water then we can apply hydrographics to it!

How Hydrographics Work

Mechanical Servicing

From a tune-up, regular servicing, warrant of fitness (WOF), through to brakes and shock absorbers replacing, exhaust work or a full engine replacement, RE Automotive is the place to visit for reliable and efficient work.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your vehicle's mechanical issues. We even offer a towing pick-up/drop-off service.

Panel and Paint

Accident repairs or bodywork improvements, at Fluid Coatings and RE Automotive our experienced team offer a full service, providing high quality results and factory finish.

We work on all vehicle makes and models but specialise in high performance, classic and vintage cars. Contact us for a no obligation free estimate on all work.